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2019-12-07 - 0752019-12-07 - 0762019-12-07 - 077Malaga nightlife at Christmas time near Cathedral.2019-12-07 - 079Restaurant and nightlife in front of Malaga Cathedral.Malagueta Beach with straw beach umbrellas and Lighthouse.2019-12-08 - 0702019-12-08 - 0712019-12-08 - 072La Farola lighthouse at entrance of Malaga harbour.2019-12-08 - 074Amazing Christmas Arch lights decorations in Malaga Street.Christmas Lights decorations and Tree in Malaga.Malaga Cathedral Bell Tower at night.Arch small alley with lamp lights at night in Malaga.Inside Christmas Tree lights looking up.Malaga alley at night with typical restaurant and balcony.Typical tapas and paella restaurants at night in central Malaga Spain.2019-12-09 - 047